Friday, September 23, 2016


Ken Dost on the Resurrect the Republic TRUTH Radio Broadcast on the Republic Broadcasting Network out of Austin Texas. While many InfoWarriors much respect the work of Alex Jones and company, what many need to hear and notice is the work of many who while sharing truth have remained more "non commercial" and while they have not sought the public eye via sensationalistic Piers Morgan style rants, they are on the ground floor of the pioneers that launched Alex into the truth genre, such is the case with John Stadtmiller and the Republic Broadcasting Network. Many agree with many of RBN's points and positions which are an eclectic gathering of what many consider "politically incorrect" information, but only because this Marxist term silences truth for what is popular and or what does not hurt peoples "feelings" in their "safe spaces". While quite controversial, RBN is a "safe space free zone". Ken Dost does not involve himself with much of the political rants and positions of many on RBN, only because he sees all of that as a distraction from what is truly important and what seems to divide and conquer us. Ken rejects all of the details about who done it and why, and focuses on how, and "what can we do about it"? Brilliant. I am a writer, an Investigative reporter, and someone who realizes the truth when I see it. As such I have decided to create a blog which is devoted to the work, and the research and information of Mr. Ken Dost. Please have a listen of this podcast and you be the judge of what you think is important information and what should be seen as the most important news one could receive in light of the times of which we face.......come join us while we "Resurrect the Republic".......on RBN.